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The question all prospective tenants ask landlords – Greg Watson


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Our property managers are out showing properties every day and tenants ask questions along the way.  I recently surveyed my team and there was a definite trend that all landlords should know.

In the last four or five years the government has been focusing on healthier homes; and rightfully so!

In particular there have been subsidies for insulation (both ceiling and floor) and heat pumps in all homes that met certain criteria.  The criteria around these subsidies has recently tightened up but the focus on healthier homes has left an impression on potential tenants.

My team are finding in almost every case when showing properties, prospective tenants are asking about insulation and heating.  Looking back 5 to 10 years it was rare that we would be asked this at all.

Our advice to owners is to consider upgrading their properties to include good heating and insulation in order to remain competitive in the market and to avoid vacancies.

The money spent adding these factors into a home should be realised at the time of sale, when savvy investors or first home buyers will be asking the very same questions.

More information about healthier homes.


Property management and Street Parties! – Ken Watson


New Ken  It is always a pleasure to pen a few notes on our Award Winning Property Management Division. The rental staff are at their annual conference in Auckland this coming weekend where they will once again listen to any new and ground breaking systems that will enhance our excellent service. We have already had word that one of our Property Managers Maree Sullivan is a finalist in one of the prestigous category awards. Every year it seems that Watson Real Estate is represented up on stage in one category or another. I believe that we are still the only company in New Zealand that has twice won Property Management Office of the Year.

Greg and his team rarely stand still and as I write this column I note that he is holding his weekly training meeting with his staff. There is always something more to be learned and put into practice and our staff are always willing to learn.

This week we kick off one of our annual community events where we ask you to nominate someone who has had a particularly difficult time of late. If they are successful then we will treat them to a street barbeque with all the trimmings included. Of course we will also invite all of their neighbours.

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